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  • 20.12 Flooding

    According to Duncanben, who suggested the word, flooding consists of “flooding a network, forum or chatroom with repetitive or useless messages”. Some would go so far as to label any “off subject” (...)
  • 19.11 ARG

    ARG is the acronym for “alternate reality game”, a mystery game that takes place alternately on the web and in real life and relies heavily on the most innovative technology. The first ARG worthy (...)
  • 17.10 HTML 5

    When Spexis suggested I produce a definition of HTML5 I can’t say I was overcome with enthusiasm. The amount of effort it took to define its ancestor "HTML" already had me tearing my hair out. But (...)
  • 17.10 Serious game

    One of France’s major trade unions has chosen 1 May 2011, the traditional workers’ holiday, to launch the first union-sponsored serious game, presumably designed to recruit new members among the (...)
  • 30.08 I life

    iLife is the name of a suite of software applications developed by Apple that enables you to do lots of fun things with photos, movies and music so you feel like a real photographer, director or (...)
  • 12.07 Plus one

    "Plus one me"! But why would someone ask you to do this? This use of "plus one" as a verb is a very recent invention, a product of web 2.0, and was suggested by Ducanben. It deserves an entry in (...)
  • 30.05 Cybersquatting

    Spexis drew my attention to a new practice that’s popular on the web despite being thoroughly reprehensible: cybersquatting. Cybersquatting consists of registering an internet domain name (which, (...)
  • 16.05 Capsule Video

    For weeks now, we’ve been hearing a new phrase on the lips of the web marketers (specialists in marketing and communication on the web): capsule video. Video, we know. Capsule, we can figure out. (...)
  • 10.05 Autoblog

    When Ducanben suggested we should have a definition of "autoblog", I thought this must be a perfect example of tautology, because a blog is, by definition, something you do yourself that doesn’t (...)
  • 19.04 Captcha

    Example of a captcha A captcha isn’t a mispronunciation of Chapka, the name for those Russian fur hats. In fact it’s not Russian at all, but an acronym, and a rather tedious one at that: (...)

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