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  • 30.11 LinkedIn

    Professional social network with over 100 million subscribers, professional people wishing to expand their address books. Subscription to this network is free, unless you want additional (...)
  • 30.11 MySpace

    Web-based social networking site that brings together internet users who share the same interests. With over 200 million members, it’s one of the most influential social networks. At the outset, (...)
  • 30.11 Podcast, podcasting

    Podcast is one of those words whose meaning has changed quite a bit in the space of a few months. When I first defined it in January 2010, it was a not very sexy technical term that didn’t seem to (...)
  • 30.11 Second Life

    Second Life is a simulated virtual society in 3 D, in which the user (or resident) can live a “second life” in the guise of an avatar. It has around 20 million players. Most of the virtual world is (...)
  • 30.11 Social network

    These are web-based networks of internet users with common interests or issues. They make it easy for members of the same community to contact each other and exchange news, videos, photos and so (...)
  • 30.11 Twitter

    This was the first microblogging social network. Twitter was born in 2006 in San Francisco. The user can tell the community of Twitter subscribers what he or she is doing, or comment on what (...)
  • 30.11 Viadeo

    An old-established social networking site (one of the first large networks) that claims to have over 35 million professional members. Its aim is to help you find clients, partners, employees or a (...)
  • 30.11 Wiki

    The term wiki comes form the Hawaiian WikiWiki, which means fast. This could be because Wiki is a quick way of setting up a website, as you don’t have to produce the content yourself, you get (...)
  • 30.11 Wikipedia

    This is an online encyclopedia, set up in 2001 and run as a collaborative venture by internet users. Users can supplement or modify content on Wikipedia. Those who contribute to Wikipedia are (...)
  • 30.11 YouTube

    This is a platform for internet users with shared interests. They can broadcast their work online free of charge, as music or video clips. All you have to do is register with YouTube to publicize (...)

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