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  • 11.04 FML

    Don’t be surprised if you get an email, SMS or post that ends with the simple acronym “FML”. The sender – most probably young – is using an expression much in favour with digital natives, taken from (...)
  • 28.03 Dematerialisation

    Dematerialisation, a term suggested by Bertrand Olivier, may be a mouthful to say but more and more geeks, IT specialists and managers generally are using it. It was originally used to describe (...)
  • 21.03 Leak

    Leaks, as we know, can strike fear into governments, companies and celebrities alike. Ducanben suggested we include the term. Leaking is not specific to the web, as documents (your product launch (...)
  • 23.02 Streisand effect

    Who would have expected a singer and actress in her seventies (not exactly a digital native) to coin a popular new online term: the Streisand Effect? This expression, suggested by Nora Neko and (...)
  • 03.01 MP3

    MP3, a word suggested by Mattias, is the acronym for Motion Picture Experts Group, Audio Layer 3. Oh really? In fact, it’s the term used for a sound file (music) that has been compressed so it (...)
  • 03.01 Google +

    This summer, a new social network was born, Google+, whose ambition is to knock Facebook off the top spot. Like every social network, it is presented in the form of a website or platform to which (...)
  • 16.12 Clicktivism

    Clicktivism, a word suggested by Frances Meadows, is increasingly used to denote a new trend in activism: activism "light", the sort you can engage in just by clicking on your laptop as you (...)
  • 16.12 SEO

    SEO is one of those terms you see a lot on the web and, sooner or later, someone you know will mention it, especially in the work context. It’s an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise (...)
  • 30.11 Flashmob

    A flashmob, means a group of people assembled "in a flash" in a public place for a short time for some kind of performance: dancing, jumping about or just standing still. The crowd quickly (...)
  • 30.11 Wikileaks

    Wikileaks is a website that was set up in 2006 by The Sunshine Press, a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to publish, anonymously, "non-politically correct" material, in other words (...)

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