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  • 30.11 Freeze

    The word “freeze” has been suggested by Docteur Moundir. On the web, it’s a bringer of bad news. If your screen freezes, it means it’s blocked and you are faced with a blue screen, so that you have (...)
  • 30.11 Splog

    No, Splog is not the little brother of Spock from Star Trek, and in fact has nothing to do with science fiction but is all too real – and it’s bad. Splog is a combination of 2 words, “Spam" and (...)
  • 30.11 Add

    Expression used in social networking sites on the internet (e.g. Facebook). Adding a “friend” means “inviting” another member of the network to become one of your “friends” on that network, allowing (...)
  • 24.11 Premium

    Don’t be surprised when you subscribe to a social network like Linkedin or Facebook if, a few minutes after you have signed up, you receive a message inviting you to become a Premium member. (...)
  • 10.11 Google dance

    Let’s be clear about this, the Google dance is not really a dance or some fun new craze, it’s actually much more serious. The Google dance is what happens during the few days each month when Google (...)
  • 27.09 Hogging the internet

    The bandwidth hog (topic suggested by Benoît Olivier) has surfaced recently as a matter of concern to internet service providers and telecommunications authorities alike. Who are these awful (...)
  • 21.09 Trojan horse

    If ever you are the victim of a Trojan horse, you’ll know how the Trojans felt when they discovered that the Greeks led by Ulysses were hidden inside the wooden horse they had given to Troy as a (...)
  • 15.09 Leecher

    Let’s not beat about the bush here, if someone calls you a “leecher” it means they regard you as an online parasite – acting like a leech or bloodsucker, in fact. The word, suggested by Kaesse, (...)
  • 06.09 Community manager

    A community manager (Kaesse suggested the word) is a new form of communicator who could be defined as a manager or facilitator of online social networks. He or she is the second generation (2.0) (...)
  • 07.07 Peer to peer (p2p)

    Peer to Peer (P2P to those in the know) is a big word, as it’s the prime target of the legislators in their attempts to stamp out internet piracy. It is software that allows internet users to (...)

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